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Our Patients Speak!

(Actually their Mom, Krisztina Skrabonja, speaks for them with editing by Dr. Stephen Simonetti.)

The Skrabonja family started care in our office on April 19, 2012. We asked Krisztina, their mom, to relate the experience of her daughters, Julianna and Adrianna. Her words, with a few words of editing, in quotes, appear below.

“Fortunately, I met Dr. Stephen Simonetti at a school event where he was lecturing on “Increasing Your Energy”.  Dr. Simonetti spoke about all the different aspects of living a healthy lifestyle, i.e., proper nutrition, exercise, adequate rest and something I never considered for my families general health and well being, namely, having your nerve system free of interference.

My husband, John, and I decided to have our spines checked first. After our thorough examinations we scheduled both our daughters for their spinal check ups.

“The children suffered from skin and seasonal allergies. The symptoms were so severe that they missed over 10 percent of the school days. Medication did not alleviate their symptoms and the side effects made them feel tired and irritable. Our pediatrician prescribed inhalers and preventative medication for Julianna to take all year around and she was only three years old.

Adrianna had psoriasis on her legs that was treated with a steroid ointment.

Every year, in the fall, the coughing and cold-like symptoms still returned. The girls had temporary relief and they were still miserable. Adrianna’s skin condition (psoriasis) came back each fall also”.

The Skrabonja family began chiropractic care at the same time while following the recommended care plan of three times per week. They were very diligent with their adjustment schedules and attended both the Basic and Advanced In-Office Health Workshops.

“Adrianna’s skin condition is completely gone, and the occasional adjustments maintain her health overall. Julianna’s allergy symptoms intially responded very well. We had an interruption in care for a couple of months, but after only one adjustment she is doing very well again. We plan to continue with regular adjustments to keep her allergies under control the natural way.  

Chiropractic adds years to your life and life to your years!

Health Tip of the Week

Be sure your family is expressing their maximum health and are not suffering needlessly!

After reading the Skrabonja family’s story on the reverse side my prayer is that you are asking yourself who do I know who may be sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. This same person(s) may also be taking medications with serious side effects. Claritin-D, one of the most common allergy medications, has the “minor” side effects of coughing, dizziness, dry mouth, fatigue, nausea, nervousness, insomnia, sleepiness and sore throat.

Some of the more serious side effects include rapid or pounding heartbeat, unusual weakness, stomach pain, diarrhea or wheezing. Many or all of these “side effects” are not really side effects at all, but are merely the body’s way of expressing the fact that Claritin, like almost all drugs, stress and tax the kidneys and liver. Perhaps your loved ones need to look at their health concerns from a fresh perspective.  Most health problems are the result of a person breaking “the rules” which promote health and well being. Eating rich, high calorie-empty foods, lack of exercise, unrelenting periods of stress, smoking and lack of sleep are all examples of how we “break the rules” of healthy living. There is one other rule that many of us never even think about, yet we break this rule every day of our lives. That rule is: your nerve system, when functioning properly, controls every tissue, cell and function of the body. The rule we break is that we do not have our spines checked regularly. We do not insure that the nerve energy that organizes every cell, tissue, organ and system in the body is flowing freely without interference. We may have the insight to have our spine checked but we leave our children, parents or spouse home and let them break this crucial rule of good health: IN ORDER TO BE FULLY HEALTHY YOUR SPINE MUST BE FREE FROM SUBLUXATION (see insert to the right). When subluxation persists in the spine long enough it will eventually produce symptoms. The symptoms vary person to person and often do not involve pain. Remember: nerves from the spine go to every part of the body. Also remember to ask yourself: “who do I know who is sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?”

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