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In your own words, please explain your reason for seeking chiropractic care, and any initial complaints. What advice would you give to a friend, co-worker or loved one who was considering taking a step toward better health through chiropractic? And finally, how has chiropractic made a difference in your life? Thank you for sharing.

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Emanuel is 6 years old and his parents brought him to our office in July, 2009. They were frustrated because he was constantly sick with throat infections, colds and ear infections. Upon consultation with Dr. Simonetti history revealed that Emanuel has suffered with chronic ear infections. His first ear infection occurred when he was four months old. Emanuel has experienced three to four ear infections per year. He was treated with antibiotics taking them for nearly every infection he has had for the past ___ years. When his ear infection did not respond he was given a stronger antibiotic. His chronic ear infections were often followed by throat infections and colds. His parents were also very concerned because his chronic sickness often led to problems with asthmatic breathing. Emanuel missed many days from school due to sickness and his parents as a last resort brought him to our office. Dr. Simonetti did a thorough examination focusing on Emanuel’s spine and nerve system. Evaluation of Emanuel’s spine revealed several areas of misalignment (vertebral subluxation). Nerve system function was evaluated using a computerized test called thermography. This study showed abnormalities of the autonomic nerve system affecting Emanuels’ immune system. Dr. Simonetti explained that the vertebral subluxations in Emanuel’s upper neck altered autonomic nerve system function and interfered with lymphatic drainage of the inner ear. These two factors made Emanuel susceptible to his chronic ear infections and subsequent throat infections, colds and breathing disorders. Considering Emanuel’s early onset of ear infections (four months of age), it is likely they were due to vertebral subluxation caused during the birthing process. Emanuel was excited to get his first spinal adjustment. He has been under regular care to correct his subluxations for ten weeks. His spinal and nerve function have gradually stabilized. His symptoms of congestion and breathing difficulty improved almost immediately. For the first time in Emanuel’s life his parents are very optimistic that he will not have another ear infection interfere with his schooling and enjoyment of his childhood!

My name is Nubia and I was referred to Dr. Stephen Simonetti by my employer. I needed to see Dr. Simonetti because I had severe lower back pain. The pain was unrelenting and I had difficulty getting out of bed.
Tylenol and Doans pills would only give me one or two minutes of relief. Two weeks of taking the pills did nothing but irritate my stomach.
On my first visit Dr. Simonetti did a thorough examination, a computerized spinal exam and took x-rays. He found that I had several areas of subluxation (misalignment) in my lower back. I was surprised to hear that the doctor also found subluxations in my neck and upper back. I did not have neck or upper back pain. I did, however experience severe headaches just about every single day for about five years. My medical doctor had given me medication but the headaches persisted. I have been taking the medication every day.
On my second visit Dr. Simonetti reviewed my examination/x-ray findings and explained and that the areas of subluxations could be the cause of my lower back pain. He also informed me that although chiropractic is not a treatment for any symptom or disease my headaches may be caused by the nerve irritation related to the subluxations in my neck.
I started my adjustments not knowing what to expect as I have never been to a chiropractor. The results have been amazing. My severe lower back pain was much less within two weeks and now after about six weeks the lower back pain is just about gone. What is more amazing is that my headaches which I had everyday for five years are also gone. I can now enjoy my life so much more without the headaches and I don’t have to take the medication and risk the dangerous side effects to my body.
I am so thankful someone told me about Dr. Simonetti! Thanks to him and his lovely staff I am a healthier person.

It is hard to imagine how our lives would have been if my son Christopher and I had not had consulted with Dr. Stephen Simonetti and received chiropractic care.

My son Christopher was born with severe Colic. Although I tried to breastfeed Chris he would not nurse for more than a minute or two, get frustrated and cry. He was not sleeping at all and he was not gaining weight. The pediatrician’s solution was to not breastfeed and give more formula. Chris’s digestive system could not digest the formula either. The pediatrician then recommended a Colic medication. At that point I decided to bring Chris to see Dr. Simonetti. I had been under the care of Dr. Simonetti and experienced great results with my chronic reflux and headaches. I brought Chris to Dr. Simonetti’s office when he was twenty-two days old.
Dr. Simonetti checked Chris’s nerve system and found irritation to the nerves affecting Chris’s digestive system. He explained that the child birthing process in North America is often traumatic to the babies spine. Even with Chris’s natural childbirth his head is pulled with sixty to ninety pounds of pressure while rotating his head 180°. This traumatic process often results in misalignment of the spinal vertebra (subluxation) and can result in Colic, ear infections and other childhood ailments.
Dr. Simonetti performed an adjustment on Chris’s first visit. He then suggested I attempt to breast feed. The rest of the story is nothing but amazing. Chris fed for nearly twenty minutes and was burped easily for the first time. That night he slept through the night where before he could only sleep for very short periods. Chris is now almost three, healthy and has never had any digestive problems, thanks to Chiropractic!

My name is Maria and I have been suffering for most of my adult life with severe allergies. The allergies result in unrelenting headaches and sinus pressure. Nothing helps and the pain and pressure has stopped me from functioning. My symptoms have, at times, interfered with me enjoying my life. I have also suffered with ongoing pain in my jaw.
When I consulted with Dr. Simonetti, he asked me if he found the cause of my allergies, headaches, sinus pressure and/or jaw problem, would I be willing to do what was needed to help myself. I realized what I was doing was not working so I was willing to try something I never thought could help me.
My first visit consisted of a thorough examination including x-rays and a computerized study that measured the status of my nerve system.On my next visit Dr. Simonetti reviewed the results of my evaluations. He informed me that my spine had misaligned in several areas (vertebral subluxation) and that this change in structure was affecting the functioning of my nerve system. Dr. Simonetti taught me how the nerve system regulates the function of every tissue, cell and organ of the body. I learned that the cause of my symptoms was due to an interference of the normal flow of nerve energy from my brain and spinal cord to various the tissue cells and systems of my body. Dr. Simonetti recommended a program of care and also suggested that I attend the office health workshops to learn more about proper nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle choices that would help me get better quicker. I decided to follow his recommendations and began a program of care that started with three spinal adjustments per week. Well, I must tell you that after two or three weeks my allergies went away almost completely. My headaches and sinus pressure are gone and my jaw feels just about normal. I have now been under care for about four months and I no longer suffer with allergies which affected my quality of life for longer than I want to remember. My thanks to Dr. Simonetti and his lovely staff.

My name is Tom and it is hard to imagine how long I suffered with pain. I started with pain in my left hip that persisted for 6 years in which I developed a bad limp. The pain was constant, very severe, and worse when I walked. I also experienced the pain upon sitting and getting up and while entering or exiting a car. I consulted an orthopedist about 5 years ago and was told I have an arthritic left hip. The doctor said I would need a transplant in a few years and prescribed Vicodin for pain. The medication gave me temporary relief at best, and I still had a constant reminder of the pain when the medication wore off. I eventually developed a noticeable limp that I had for years as I favored the hip while in pain. What actually brought me to Dr. Simonetti initially was pain that began in the right side of my back which arose from a number years favoring my left hip and leg. The pain that developed on July 1st traveled down my leg to my knee and up to my back again.
I did a search on the GHI website and found Dr. Simonetti. As it turns out, I had played football with Dr. Simonetti years ago. Dr. Simonetti did a thorough examination, including a computerized spinal stress analysis and took some x-rays. He found that I had several areas of vertebral subluxation in my lower spine as well as in my pelvis. The results of my adjustments have been outstanding. I have complete change in my physical ability. I have no more limp or pain in my left leg, no pain in my right leg, and a much more flexible feeling throughout my body as well as an overall energetic feeling. I am so grateful for chiropractic as well as Dr. Simonetti and his wonderful staff. I hope others will learn from my experience and share chiropractic with others.


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