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Stay Healthy Or Get Sick...

Stay Healthy or Get Sick….

It’s That Simple and its Your Choice

If you are not making the choices that promote a state of well being for your body, mind and spirit than you are consciously or unconsciously choosing to become sick. The human body, mind and spirit, which we will call your “being”, are in a constant state of flux attempting to achieve a state of homeostasis. In this state your being is functioning at “an even keel”. Your blood pressure does not get too high or too low, your blood sugar level does not go way high or way low and all of the bodies systems are working in harmony allowing your being to stay in balance. In this state you express your fullest health potential. You have abundant energy, you feel vibrant and you are truly healthy. This means you can eat and digest just about all foods, you can exert yourself in exercise and work, you get a goods night sleep and wake up feeling rested and revitalized. Sounds good doesn’t it? Why would anyone not want to be in this state at least most of the time?  The truth is so many of the dear folks who come into my office do not have their “being” in this place? Why do you or so many of your family suffer with allergies, or can not eat certain healthy foods, experience headaches, or feel tired and fatigued a lot of the time, or have pain which often stops or demotivates them from exercising. Why do so many people you know have to take harmful medications or over the counter drugs like Tylenol and aspirin just to get through the day? Why are so many not expressing their fullest health potential? For many, it is simply because of the choices they make.

Do you choose to take the time and prepare a healthy meal on a regular basis or do you grab a quick bite to eat like a frozen dinner or a meal at your favorite restaurant which is almost always ladened with extra salt, sugars and other spices or perhaps preservatives. Do you exercise regularly even if it is just a forty to sixty minute brisk walk at least every other day? Are you taking time to meditate or be in nature and give the emotional/mental part of your being the time it needs? Are you getting regular adjustments to ensure that your neural system is functioning as close to 100% as possible? Without the proper flow of energy from your brain to your body you will not fully benefit from all of the proper choices listed above. If your neural system is short circuited due to spinal subluxation* you can eat the best, natural foods and not digest and/or assimilate them properly. If the nerves to your muscles are not balanced you will create more imbalance when you exercise or at least not benefit maximally from the exercise you perform. Yes, EVERY aspect of your performance as a human “being” is maximized by a neural system free of interference.

Yes, the choice is yours! Get sick or stay healthy! Live each day being vibrant, energetic and expressing 100% abundant health or just get through the day, day after day! Make the right choices in life. Start with a well functioning neural system. Call our office today at 718 746-4777 to be well-adjusted and enlist us as your “health coach”. If you should have questions or concerns please speak with me directly. Now is the time to start making the right choices to STAY HEALTHY!


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